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Santa has disappeared. Where has he gone? The elves can't find him and he has to deliver all the presents to the girls and boys as it is Christmas Eve. One of Santa's elves has been really naughty as he knows where Santa is. McJingles the Elf hates Christmas as he never gets presents he always has to hand them out to the girls and boys. He has put a spell on Santa & hidden him so no-one can find him. He has left a note pretending Santa has written it. It says:
'Please come and find me I'm under the STAR'.

McJingle then takes the elves on a journey to finds Santa.

* They visit a beautiful Mermaid Under the Sea but the only Star they can find is a starfish.

* They then visit Hawaii and Miana can only find a shell that looks like a Star.

* Maybe a Superhero could help them. Rudolph the Superhero comes out but he can't help the only star he has is a Star on his chest. Then the real Superhero joins them but he hasn't seen Santa either.

* They then go to the Princesses Palace but the only star they can find there is the Star on the Princesses crown. Still no Santa.

* Maybe he got lost in the snow we could ask the Snow Queen. She hasn't seen Santa she has only seen snowflakes that look like stars.

* Only one more place they can look they haven't been to Outer Space. There is a movie called Star Wars maybe it has lots of stars and Santa is there. The Storm Trooper comes out and tells them the only stars he knows about are in the sky and twinkle at night.

Where is Santa? The elves decide to pack the toys into the toy bag incase Santa turns up & everything will be ready for him. Suddenly they hear snoring. What is that? They say.

They search everywhere and you'll never guess where they find Santa !!!!!!

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